Evaluation of the ethics of inversion

The question under debate is whether this general approach is appropriate for choices about the sexual orientation of children.

Given that adults are ordinarily the best judges of what makes them happy, Mill wanted to limit social interference with individual pursuits. Also, their rights in stock- holder suits may not be as well protected in other locales.

Reports of success in reorientation come most typically from psychoanalysts, behavior therapists, and religious programs. The company would hold a meeting there annually, but would otherwise conduct business as usual.

Ethical theories vary in their interpretations of homosexuality. Each of these uses raises moral concerns.

We combine stakeholder theory with utilitarianism to offer managers another way of thinking about the ethics of inversion.

Our discussion of Kantian theory as applied to inversion suggests that the burden of proof that inversion is not immoral rests on the company considering reincor- poration.

Studies of sexual behavior face certain methodological problems, including adequate study samples and reluctance to discuss sex freely. These commentators described disease in terms of impediments to the central species functions of survival and reproduction.

In the past, parents have turned to punishment, moral exhortation, religious counsel, reform school, and even electroshock therapy in order to bring their children to heterosexuality.

Corporate Inversion

To essentialists, it is not a mistake to search out the root causes that distinguish people by sexual orientation. In the short term, how- ever, stockholders may reap the results of a negative image of the company.

Goldman, a commentator on sexual ethics, has argued that there are no moral rules specific to sexuality alone. An American company which did relocate itself via an inversion would pay taxes on all income earned in the U.

In the first place, the view is suspect because the "punishment" is applied inconsistently. The Homosexuality of Men and Women, tr. Those articles all focused on the micro level, i. The pressure to keep the company happy may result in political stresses within the new host. According to Kant, an action is morally right only if its maxim can be willed as universal law.

Evaluating the Ethics of Inversion

However, sexual orientation distress would apply to all unwanted and distressing orientations, not just homosexuality. Instead, these theories require that actions be evaluated as morally right or wrong depending on how closely they adhere to a moral rule or principle.

For a variety of reasons, these researchers were often more interested in the origins and treatment of male homosexuality than female homosexuality. In contrast, the philosopher Frederick Suppe has pointed out that such an argument is persuasive only if the therapy: With this conceptual background, it is possible to articulate a formidable boundary against social interference with homosexuality.

Indeed, the very fluidity of sexuality—both in individuals and in the sexual roles of various cultures—leads some commentators to maintain that sexual orientations are socially constructed.

In ancient Greece, there were disagreements among intellectuals about erotic interactions between males. Explanations are also not required. In this paper, we have suggested two ethical theories that can be used by corporations to evaluate the ethics of an inversion decision.

Devlin argued that a society requires shared moral values and political beliefs and that even acts that occur in private threaten the existence of society, and are not beyond the reach of social suppression.

The Use and Abuse of Research into Homosexuality. This framework represents an abstract utilitarian analysis.

Deontological ethics

In addition, its U. In one sense it is this very attempt to make social relations consistent across sexual orientations that has led to ambitious attempts to reform laws that criminalize homosexuality. In this way, it would reduce its tax burden. That is, maturing adolescents are entitled to act in ways that protect their interests, even if their parents profoundly disagree with the choices made.Evaluating the Ethics of Inversion.

than on the macro level, i.e. the ethical evaluation of. corporate strategic behavior by a multinational. While a few strategic areas, such as transfer. Evaluating the Ethics of Inversion Susan H. Godar Patricia J. O’Connor Virginia Anne Taylor ABSTRACT. In the last five years, a number of. Evaluating the Ethics of Inversion Susan H.

Godar Patricia J. O’Connor Virginia Anne Taylor ABSTRACT. In the last five years, a number of U.S. companies have either moved their locus of.

Deontological ethics, in philosophy, ethical theories that place special emphasis on the relationship between duty and the morality of human actions. The term deontology is derived from the Greek deon, “duty,” and logos, “science.


It is imperative that ethical issues are considered during the formulation of the evaluation plan. Ethical considerations during evaluation include. In ways without precedent in human history, a samesex culture has emerged in the large contemporary cities of the developed world and, it is a social force in communication, entertainment, business and commerce, and politics.

Evaluation of the ethics of inversion
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